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As your needs change,
so can your work space.

Whether your need is for: an address close to your customer; a convenient location to meet with clients; an office environment to work with your teammates to review procurement documents and prepare a response; or a secure environment as a place of performance, Secure Offices provides a unique and cost effective solution.

Offices and Meeting Rooms in Hanover, MD and Columbia, MD!

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We offer facilities and amenities that your employees and clients require.


Don’t worry about disrupting critical operations while migrating ever again.


We look forward to assisting you with your office space needs.

Transitioning into a new space? Need fast access to perform on a new contract? Have you outgrown your current space? Secure Offices provides your best workplace solution. Now is a great time to take advantage of the business opportunities available through Secure Offices near Ft Meade.

Experience and Integrity Counts
Secure Offices, LLC. was created in January 2010 to address the needs for flexible and affordable office space. Our customers have ranged from large systems integrators to small startup companies.

We know the value of having a place to meet and do business close to your customers. Our large system integrator customers come to us to solve their immediate contract needs. Most have either outgrown their current space or are waiting for their own space to be finished and certified. Our small business customers include new entrants to the Ft. Meade, DoD, and other federal, state and local government markets. Their needs have ranged from private office access to small, economical shared office space.

Secure Offices does not compete for contracts or employees with its tenants. Secure Offices is the only solution for providing the space you need, as you need it, to perform on your contract.

Meeting Spaces
  • Conference Rooms for 6-10 guests
  • Training Center for up to 40 guests
  • TVs, Whiteboards, Wifi
  • Easy to Schedule
  • Starting at $49/hourly – Email Us to book!
Dedicated Desk
  • Personal desk in a shared office
  • 24/7 access
  • 8 hours of conference room credits
  • Starting at $450 a month per seat – Request More Info
Private Office
  • Private lockable office for 1-6 team members
  • 24/7 access
  • 8 hours of conference room credits
  • Request More Info

Secure Offices Space
Secure Offices delivers the optimum security solution for your business. You have access to the networks you need for your contract, including internet access, meeting rooms, security professionals, IT professionals, administrative assistants, fully furnished offices, and every project related service you need to start performing on your contract now.

Secure Offices is strategically located near the Ft. Meade located government customers. Secure Offices’ experienced and cleared staff understands your needs in doing business with your government customers. Secure Offices staff is here to work with you to ensure that your project and your business gets what it needs to succeed.

Our private offices range in size and can provide space to work in a secure environment. They also provide the project separation that is required by some contracting officers. Our approach provides our tenants the options of renting offices or entire suites.