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Secure Cloud Solutions

Secure Offices’ Secure Cloud Solutions for Small Business is not just about outsourcing your IT functions. It’s about revolutionizing the way you do business – on your terms. Access to your desktop and data from anywhere with an internet connection. Join the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wave.


We Understand…

At Secure Offices, we understand small business’s needs. You can’t imagine disrupting critical operations while you migrate your users and data to a new platform. Neither can we. That is why our approach ensures full access to your existing environment while working in the new environment. You decide when to shut down your old architecture. With our Secure Cloud Solutions for Small Business, there is no upfront investment to move to the cloud. If your existing workstations can access the internet, they can be used to access your “cloud”, often with better performance. And there is no need to replace your current IT staff who may be long time trusted employees with significant domain knowledge. We will work with your existing IT staff during the migration to the cloud and then provide training for them to be able to assume long-term maintenance for your cloud. Or Secure Offices can provide on-going maintenance. You decide.

Available Services
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)
Managed Services
IT Consulting
IT Project Management

At Secure Offices, we bring the cloud to you...

With our Secure Cloud Solutions for Small Business, you don’t have to go to the cloud. We bring it to you. We install your cloud infrastructure at your office, not some far away data center. Because your data and applications are located where you are, you can be confident that your data is secure and help is just a short drive away. For anyone considering moving their business IT to a large data center, we bring the expertise to help you understand the options and make the best choice for your business.

Secure Cloud Solutions for Small Business cannot be simpler…

Simply pay a flat fee per month. Based on the number of users, amount of data, and desired Service Level Agreement, your desktop and data will be available on any internet connected device. Hardware, implementation, and desired level of support will be included in the flat monthly fee. Additional IT services and consulting are available on an hourly basis.

The Secure Cloud Solutions for Small Business process…

Our Team starts by meeting with you to complete a Technology Survey. This is where we learn about your users, your applications, your existing assets, etc. We listen to your priorities for security, mobility, user experience, flexibility, and cost. Once we fully understand your requirements and priorities, we deliver several options to meet your needs. We do not push a “one size fits all” canned solution that may or may not meet all your requirements or your budget.

Once you have decided on which path to take to the cloud, Secure Solutions provides the technical, management, and licensing expertise to plan and implement your migration. Our team of skilled Project Managers delivers a comprehensive schedule that works with your timeframes. Our skilled, certified technical staff configures your cloud solution to ensure the highest level of security, separation of data, and access controls are applied. Our team then trains users on use of the new platform, and provides documentation and support. Once connected, the user’s desktop will look the same as they are used to. We leave your legacy system in place until you are ready to turn it off.

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